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What makes us different?

We draw inspiration from the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. We use them to chart the course of each of our actions. In particular, we feel closest to the goals related to quality education, innovation in the production system, achievement at work, gender equality, and collaboration among individuals worldwide.

What is Flowerista?

We are a digital ecosystem. We offer training, consultancy, networking opportunities, and visibility to all those who want to start or grow their business, especially in the Creative Industries sector. Our mission is to work with freelancers and companies who want to enhance their Brand Awareness, Digital Marketing, and Company Culture by leveraging two key concepts: creativity and sustainability.

Flowerista is a digital services ecosystem supporting businesses that believe in the value of kindness.

about us

Flowerista is an ecosystem of digital services to support businesses that believe in the value of kindness.

about us

Who is it for?

For anyone who

  • wants to start or re-start working as a freelancer
  • wants to create an innovative startup
  • is following their passions
  • perhaps hasn’t always had positive experiences in other fields of work.

We are aware that these individuals need digital training and to engage with others who have already taken this step before them.
We strongly believe in the so-called “Community Generated Business,” where freelancers of the future can collaborate profitably because they share the same needs and at the same time do not have a team available; in fact, we are moving towards increasingly “fluid” work.

The goal is to spread a culture of digitalisation in the field of creativity, to enhance everyone’s ability to make strategic decisions, and to facilitate the dawning of a world where there is alignment between the desire to do business and the possibility of actually doing it.

Why Flowerista?

Because we draw inspiration from the organisational model of nature, plants, and flowers. Plants are a successful example of evolution that can inspire even the business world. By being in contact with nature, we can look at reality with new eyes. We can counter traditional, linear, and hierarchical thinking with interconnection and a cooperative model where people develop an ecosystem mindset. We can grow with cooperation, and develop truly sustainable and ecological strategies for an entire organisation.

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Unable to move from the ground they are in, plants have developed increasingly more innovative solutions to their problems, challenges and threats. They are rooted to the ground, with no possibility of movement. They don’t evade problems; they confront them, finding new solutions and ideas. Each plant existing on Earth today can be considered a true success story of evolution and continuous improvement. With humility, kindness, and above all, resource economy, we too can succeed.

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