Personal branding consultations - Flowerista community, digital strategy, gentle communication

This Personal Branding Consultation is for those who wants to reflect on their online presence as a Personal Brand, such as consultants, trainers, educators, startup founders, or anyone who wants to monetise their online presence as a Creator but is unsure how to do it!

This consultation requires two fundamental aspects:

A commitment to engage on social media and a willingness to “put yourself out there” as much as possible, including in textual and video content.
This consultation does not include business strategy and the business model, which should already be clear. Otherwise, we recommend the Digital & Business 360 consultation, which is more comprehensive.

How it Works:

The consultation consists of 3 calls of an hour and a half each with a Flowerista Team professional. We will guide you in defining your Content Strategy. By analysing your target audience, conducting a brief market analysis, and determining the digital channels to use to speak to your audience, we can build your brand with the right tone of voice that suits you.

You will gain a much clearer idea of the editorial themes to discuss, how and when to do it, with what frequency, and with which visual assets. If you want to delve deeper into this aspect, you can take advantage of our complementary course here.

personal branding

This Consultation is for:

  • Those who sell their services as freelance consultants, lawyers, trainers, and want to focus on free content to be recognised.
  • Those who want to start a career (parallel or main) as content creators.
  • Those aspiring to write a book and want to start building an audience from content and personal recognition.
  • Those who are founders, CEOs, leaders of agencies, or other entrepreneurial realities. Those who want to combine their voice with that of the company they lead. Those who want to emphasise coherence between company culture and personal vision.

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