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Personal Branding Consultation

This Personal Branding Consultation is for those who wants to reflect on their online presence as a Personal Brand, such as consultants, trainers, educators, startup founders, or anyone who wants to monetise their online presence as a Creator but is unsure how to do it!

Depending on your needs, we will involve the most suitable person from the Flowerista Team and offer you a free introductory call.

Digital & Business Strategy

This is our most requested consultation because it integrates business strategy with digital marketing. It utilises the unique method of Creative Business Design, which includes a precise framework of work.

It spans 4 sessions + a fifth follow-up session three months apart. The uniqueness lies in integrating digital strategy and business strategy because one without the other would be incomplete. The first 4 sessions last two hours each and are one/two weeks apart. After three months, we conduct a one-hour follow-up call to review the results achieved and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, the program can be supplemented by monthly ongoing support from a Flowerista team consultant, for 6-9-12 months.


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